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vacation at last

July 4, 2011

Every year my husband and I put this unnecessary pressure on ourselves to plan exotic, fast-paced vacations to places we reluctantly admit “we probably won’t get to once we have children.”  I guess it’s a mid- life bucket list of sorts.   Among these places:  Iceland, Scandinavia, Japan, etc.  The fabulous trips, we know, will take weeks and weeks of planning… negotiating… stressing.  And of course once you reach the destination, you hit the ground running without stopping, and embark on a high-speed, jet-lagged, and well-caffeinated adventure.

We love those vacations (despite the general lack of naps), and I credit K for every choc-full-of-culture trip he has masterminded.   BUT – this summer we really want no part of that.   Work has been especially demanding for both of us, so this time we just want to vegg out.  So, we hit the road and drove from Boston down to Avalon, New Jersey, to spend a lazy week at the beach with K’s family.       Beach chair.  Summer read.  Hot sand. Cold  beer.  We are loving every minute of it.  There is something entirely blissful about the laziness of a classic Jersey Shore vacation.  Simple pleasures, my friends…& a Happy 4th!

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