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picnic at the pond

July 16, 2011

A little backstory on this one:  When K and I bought our first home in Jamaica Plain, we knew we were buying a place on a dividing line of sorts.  Within a few months of moving in we had grown accustomed to always turning left when exiting the front door because that is where most of the action is —  not only a concentration of our favorite restaurants (like Canary Square, Tres Gatos, the Haven, Ten Tables), but also the location of a little hidden gem called  Jamaica Pond.

I would say for the first few weeks we were living in JP, I didn’t even know the pond was there.  One would think that investing in property here would involve discovery of a pretty obvious 68 acre park a half mile down the road, but no (classic me).  It actually wasn’t until I managed to get lost  trying to find a shortcut to a major road (also classic me) that I pulled up to a stop sign and noticed the young moms with jogging strollers were actually running on a clean, paved path in the grass.  “Where does that go?” I wondered.  Needless to say, one morning soon after I took a walk down to that stop sign and followed the path and, low and behold, it led me to the great Jamaica Pond.  To call it a “pond” really doesn’t seem to do it justice – I’d much rather call it Jamaica Lake.  It’s 50-some feet deep in the middle and was once a primary water source for the city back in the 1800s.   Now, it’s maintained by the Emerald Necklace Conservancy, and thanks to their dedication to its upkeep there are all kinds of fun summertime events which give me and K a great excuse to picnic.

This most recent picnic was on a hazy Sunday evening.  We packed up a bag with a blanket, 2 books, a bottle of wine (responsibly  disguised and consumed in plastic cups), and some european snacks from our beloved South End Formaggio. We sat by the boathouse, enjoyed some quiet time together and let the weekend slowly and gently escape with the setting sun.

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