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“back to school?”

September 27, 2011

It may have something to do with the fact that 8 years ago I was still in college, but I’m not certain.  Regardless – for me, September still feels like the true beginning of the year.  The leaves turn, the jackets come out, and I’m suddenly more productive both at work and on the home front.  Just like a third grader stands eagerly at the bus stop on that first day of school, I’ve got my coffee in-hand, my laptop bag strapped, and I’m ready for the day that awaits me.  Bring it.

I’ve been away for the past  week on business travel to California, followed by a brief visit to the Hamptons to watch my sister run her very first marathon. (side note: we camped, alright?  I can’t afford ‘thee Hamptons’ just in case you were wondering.  We spent the majority of the time looking up at ominous clouds, crossing our fingers the weather gods would be kind and not drench our tents with the kind of rain that hurts when it hits you).   Anyway, the time away was time well spent, despite the workload that piled up and overflowed in my absence.  In California, my coworkers shared ideas for success and motivated me to do my job even better.  In the Hamptons, I found myself deeply inspired by sister’s attitude, discipline & endurance.  Together, I think it’s safe to say the two trips served as an energized kick in the pants, and I came home feeling pretty darn good about getting “back to school” in the adult sense.

I’m really excited to share some new entertaining ideas and fall recipes over the next few weeks.  (It’s amazing what one can accomplish while cramped in an economy seat for 11 hours of air travel!)  To whet your appetite, I’m thinking about: cheese plates, pistachio desserts, and apple-picking with friends — just to name a few.  For now, here’s a little photo collage of my trip.  I’ll see you in a few days. Oh, and if you find yourself stuck [and griping] behind a school bus on your morning commute this week,  maybe stop for a Pumpkin Latte and a new set of markers?  The world is your oyster.  Cheers.

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