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lettuce rest, I’m feeling beet

October 15, 2011

The Farm has been giving us beets.  And I don’t know about you, but there’s only so many “roasted beet, candied walnut & goat cheese” salads I can take before it gets a little old.   I was thinking back to the summers when my grandma had garden zucchini coming out of her ears and we survived on zucchini breads, pancakes, and casseroles alone for weeks at a time.  So I ask – where are the recipes that stretch beets to their max?  Somewhere in my head, a lightbulb glows…

I thought I was being really creative with my beet & potato latkes until my good friend (who happens to be a culinary professional) told me it has been done before under the far more creative name “red flannel latkes.”  Well, whatever.  I am sticking to my lackluster title…..for the fun is in the fixin’s.   Another friend  recommended several jazzy modifications to the standard sour cream & applesauce combo, which turned out to be brilliant.  In the end, they came out mighty tasty – enhanced further only by the perfect Oktoberfest pairing.   Cheers, everybody!    We’ll call this one a collaborative effort:


3 medium sized potatoes  |  1 red beet   |  1 golden beet   |   2 eggs   |   1tsp salt   | half a red onion   |   plain greek yogurt   |   cumin   | cayenne pepper   | cinnamon   | coconut oil

use a box grater or food processor to shred the potatoes and beets into three separate piles – one for each color.  Working with one pile at a time, squeeze out excess moisture using paper towels or cheesecloth.  Now add all three dry piles to a bowl, and combine with eggs, salt, and finely chopped (or grated) red onion.   Mix lightly – and that’s the batter.   Fill a heavy skillet 1″ with coconut oil and heat on medium-high.   Working in batches (making sure to not overcrowd), spoon mounds of batter into the oil.  Once they’ve browned to a deep golden color on one side, turn over.  Transfer to paper towels, and salt lightly.  For the sauce:  mix (to taste) a few sprinkles of cumin and cayenne into greek yogurt.  Add a final light sprinkle of cinnamon to finish.  Serve with prepared apple sauce.

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