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holiday inspiration

December 8, 2011

What puts you in the Christmas spirit?

Holiday inspiration may come in a variety of ways; a gingerbread latte, a good deed witnessed, a forgotten childhood decoration unwrapped from storage…   Every single one of these actually gets me in the Christmas mood, but this year my inspiration came oh-so-artfully, by way of a visit to a beautiful garden center just outside of Philadelphia called Terrain at Styers.    For weeks I had been looking forward to visiting this place, after finding it accidentally on the internet.  I had been shopping online at Anthropologie, where a curious link at the bottom of the homepage intrigued me.  “a GARDEN center???”  After a little research, it became clear this was pretty old news.  Urban Outfitters purchased Styers back in 2008, to aid in its launch of their new “Terrain” line of home & garden wares.  The center itself – dating back to 1890 –  was going to have its halls decked with all things Bohemian chic.   And this girl?  Pretty darn excited about it.

Fast forward to my tardy 2011 visit.  When I walked through the front doors over Thanksgiving, my jaw fell in awe.  This place TWINKLED.  Built inside several greenhouses and barns, the air inside was sweet and scented like cedar and spice.  Fresh wreaths hung from every wall, with terrariums and vintage-style christmas lights and ornaments adorning every rustic fixture.  Old-fashioned, yet fresh. Not overdone, but just right.    I could really go on for several more paragraphs, but I’d rather let the place speak for itself.  I’ve included an extensive collage of some photos the staff let me snap while I walked around.

So to tie back into the title of this post, I left completely and utterly inspired to make my home just as cozy and festive and warm as I found Styers this season.   Currently, I’m working on a little DIY project involving some curly willow branches I found in my mom’s garage over the holiday.  I’m painting them white, and the goal is to cover them with lights and arrange them on top of our bookcases.   If it doesn’t make the blog, you’ll know it was a flop.

Happy trimming!






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