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veggie-packed egg bake

August 5, 2012

How much nutrition can you pack into sunday’s breakfast?  I made it my mission, today, to find out.

K and I have been logging some substantial bike mileage over the weekends we’ve recently spent at home, so I’ve been trying my hand at a bunch of healthy, homemade, high-powered meals & snacks we can devour before our rides.   One involved a recipe for Bryan Cranston’s peanut butter power balls, which I read about on a flight home from a recent work trip.  (The recipe can be found about half-way down the link’s page).  They’re incredibly tasty, but very dense….so I’d recommend shaping them into  small bite-sized gumball shapes, rather than the gigantic cookie-dough balls we rolled.

For today’s brunch, I went the savory route – drawing inspiration from an Israeli Shakshuka that caught my eye on the cover of Vegetarian Times.  Instead of following the recipe, I just scoured my fridge for an assortment of nutrient-dense veggies I thought would make a nice salsa-like hash.   I sauteed everything together in less than 10 minutes, adding the eggs last.   My take is below.  Feel free to sub-in anything you have lying around that sounds good to you.  For me, it was a the perfect way to make use of some fresh garden vegetables a coworker so kindly surprised me with last week.  When you live in a city, there’s not better friend to have than a friend with an overabundant garden!


2 cups diced canned tomatoes   |   2 small anaheim or banana peppers   |   1 green bell pepper   |   1/2 a small white onion   |   3 cloves garlic, finely chopped   |   1/2 tsp cumin  |   1 c beans (I used garbanzo’s, but would have used pinto or black beans if I had them around)   |   1 big handful baby spinach   |   4 shiitake mushrooms   |   4 organic, cage free eggs   |   paprika   |   garlic salt   |   black pepper   |  chopped scallion  |   1 heavy drizzle olive oil

Finely chop all of the veggies and set aside.  In a heavy skillet, heat a big drizzle of olive oil over medium heat.   Sautee the onion, garlic, and peppers in the olive oil until softened.  Add the cumin, mushrooms and tomatoes, and stir.   When the liquid from the tomatoes begins to reduce and the mixture loses about half its moisture, sprinkle the mixture with garlic salt and throw in the spinach and beans.   Stir everything until the spinach wilts.   At this point,  use a spatula or the back of a large spoon to flatten the mixture into an even layer.  Use the spoon to create 4 empty cavities in the mixture.   I sprayed a little coconut oil (you could butter or any nonstick spray) inside each hole to prevent sticking.   Crack eggs into each cavity. Cover, and heat on low (or, bake at 400) until eggs are cooked to desired doneness (about 3-5 minutes).   Garnish with fresh ground black pepper, paprika, and chopped scallion.   We spashed on some hot sauce for an added kick.  Enjoy!


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