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Made Better in less than 5: Pickles

December 8, 2012

One sunday afternoon over the summer I had the pleasure of discovering Grillo’s pickles at at food stand inside the SOWA Market in the South End.  Can I tell you? What a treat.  It may have begun as a snarky chuckle over the idea of “gourmet pickles,” but my attitude changed as I sent a toothpick through the series of flavors to sample; each of them crunchy and salty and tangy and satisfying.

Boston-based Travis Grillo started his pickle company in 2008, and since then Beantown locals have been raving about his spears all over the interwebs. The pickles  – now widely distributed in these parts – are available at City Feed, Whole Foods, and few other food retailers for around 7 bucks.  I of course found them and bought them immediately.

Long after K and I finished our container, the empty jar of juice sat in our fridge for weeks.   We’d toss anything into it, hoping to stretch the pickle-y goodness a little farther.  I threw in more sliced cucumber, carrots, cauliflower…you name it.  When we finally tossed the jar, I felt satisfied knowing I got the most out of my $7 pickles.

Then a couple days ago while running a quick errand at Stop & Shop, I did a quick sweep of the promo-aisle and grimaced for moment at a giant endcap of $3.00 Mt Olive pickle chips.   I was remembering Mr. Grillo and thought to myself that I could really jazz them up…so I did.

A few sliced cloves of garlic and one heavy squeeze of Sriracha was all it took to make these puppies worlds better.   Now they’re a far more worthy accompaniment to a casual meal at home… with a giant Reuben, or grilled cheese…or whatever.   Try it out and let me know what you think.  Just one small warning…these are HOT.   Enjoy. 


Sriracha – staple in a foodie’s kitchen


shaken, not stirred


jazzed up


much better

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