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cocktail staple: jalapeno syrup

August 17, 2013

My sister’s boyfriend, Steve, is a cocktail aficionado.   Anytime we go to visit them in Brooklyn, what I often look forward to the most is the time we spend at night just sitting in their kitchen talking, while he shakes up all kinds of interesting libations with unlikely flavor combinations that just somehow WORK….magically.  Two Christmases ago, he gave us the best Christmas gift ever:  a batch of homemade hot pepper syrup for mixing our own fun drinks at home.

We monitored our ration of syrup like it was gold.  “You only used a tablespoon, right!?”…. “Go easy, there’s not that much left!!!”    Steve, modestly, kept reminding me how easy it was to make.  It wasn’t until we finally used the last few drips in the bottle that I decided to try and whip up a quick batch.  He was right…. super simple:


ratio:  1.5 : 1, sugar to water

– 2 cups water

– 3 cups sugar

– 4 to 6 jalapeno peppers, sliced & stems removed

Bring water to a boil.   Toss in sliced peppers, reduce heat to medium and allow peppers to steep in the water for 3-5 minutes.  Use a potato masher to crush the peppers and seeds while everything cooks.  Strain into a bowl – discard solids.   Return the jalapeno water to the stove and return to a boil.  Add sugar and stir until totally dissolved.  Store in a mason jar or an old glass bottle, corked.  If you like spicy, add a drizzle of this awesomely green elixir to any margarita for a kick!






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